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12/02(Wed) 18:00-ロンドンから最新の建築スライドレクチャー&懇親会 by Lassa architects from London

皆さま、12/02 18:00-ロンドンから来日する建築家による建築スライドレクチャー&懇親会を行います。
ゲストはTheo.S(テオ)率いる LASSA Architects Londonです。

LASSA ArchitectsとはFUTURESYSTEMS UKとASYMPTOTE NYにて重要な役割を担ったディレクターTHEO.Sが主宰するユニットです。現在、ロンドンのAA スクールにおいても教鞭を執っています。私が働いてきた中でも最もクリエイティブなアーキテクトの一人。彼の才能を垣間見れるチャンスです。

Theo は私とFUTURESYSTEMSに在籍していた時の同僚です。とても才能豊かな建築家で、考え方、ドローイングなど、大変刺激を受けた一人であります。世界にはこんなにすごい個人がいるんだと思った記憶があります。



I will announce the modifying about my appropriate project experience at Futuresystems below, 
Hideo Kumaki I Organic Design Inc. 
Hideo Kumaki worked at Rikuo Nishimori Architect Office inTokyo and later moved to Europe where he collaborated with Foster and Partners and Future Systems in London. Hideo had working on the Academy Project mostly at Future Systems. , At the same time ,Hideo Kumaki and Theo Lalis discussed ideas and think together on a number of projects during that period. Mr Kumaki's experience in London lasted 5 years until he returned to Japan to establish his own office in 2009. Some of his current work is influenced by the organic forms of Future Systems. He recently relocated his office in the greater Tokyo area. He is the founder of the co-working and events space ‘’Kawagishiwarehouse’’, where he is dedicated to supporting young creative entrepreneurs and startups in the locality of Toda Koen area.
In a word, During working on the project, Mainly I was working on ''Academy Project Team'', at Future systems.
That’s the point to be added.
Thank you, 
Hideo Kumaki
02/Dec 2015

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