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Green Screen House



GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013 (グッドデザイン賞2013)を受賞 (経済産業省主催)
■住まいの環境デザイン・アワード 2013  受賞 (東京ガス主催)
アリアフィーナキッチンデザイン アワード 2012 受賞 
HOPE&HOME 2012  ~住宅誌8誌の編集長が選ぶコレカラの住まい~受賞


“A Green Break: Flexible space perception using curved forms and new space”

The project aims to create a contiguous space where a room is divided into rooms by curved lines to give a flexible perception of bedroom and living/dining spaces but without compromising privacy when visitor coming. The flowing indoor space is improved by the installation of a green screen curtain, which cocoons the living space within while also appearing aesthetic from the exterior.

As the first step, a garden area is created in the space using two existing cherry trees. The garden is then surrounded by a curved shape that provides residents an afferent view from indoors. Further, the gentle curve accommodates the internal boundaries for space perception.

In designing the plan, the creation of a contiguous space with “rooms” is a fundamental requirement, intended to promote family life. Right angles and straight walls are not used, as these produce boundary outlines, which are invisible to human perception, and clearly divide space. For example, invisible outlines formed by straight walls would divide hallway and dining spaces or living and bedroom areas. As such, curved walls and rounded corners are used. These features create the desired perception of space outline while also offering privacy; for instance, the bedroom is separate from the living, dining, and kitchen areas, but these “rooms” are in fact in one contiguous room. The invisible outline seemingly transforms depending on perspective.
Along the outer walls, green curtains are installed to provide sustainable indoor temperature control and moderate privacy from the exterior. Theses also add to a sense of wider space inside and enhance aesthetic appeal when viewed from outside.

The exterior walls incline diagonally, creating a larger overhead space; this design takes into consideration the rainy season and the problem of rainwater dripping onto the outer walls. Further, the outer walls do not easily gather dirt, contributing toward improved durability. The most suitable outer wall materials are chosen, namely, ''WONDERBOARD''(Custom) and render, which is flexible.